Born to great violinist Basavanagudi Shri G. Nataraj and Smt. N Lakshmi, Amrit takes immense pride in being blessed with an illustrious musician family, which he traces to his great-grandfather ‘Raja Purohith’ Shri Kumara Shastry who was an ‘Asthana Pandith’ in Mysore palace. Amrit’s grandmother Smt. Ratnamma was a Carnatic singer and a lyricist par excellence who often helped her brother Shri Ku. Ra. Seetharama Shastry with his cinematic and musical pursuits, notably “School Master”, “Bedara Kanappa” & many more. Smt. Sunitha Ramabhadran, Amrit’s sister is an accomplished violin artist and constantly encourages him in taking the family traditions to a new high. Smt. Sandhya, Amrit’s wife, a competent vocalist, has been a driving force for his Music & Success.

Father - Basavanagudi Shri G Nataraj

<Basavanagudi G. Nataraj>

Basavanagudi Shri G Nataraj was born to Shri Gundu Narayana Joshi and Smt. Ratnamma in the year 1943. Started learning Vocal in 1953 under Vidwan Shri H.K.VENKATRAMANA SHASTHRY at the age of 9. Later on he started learning Violin under Vidwan Shri A.VEERABHADRAIAH in the year 1954. He continued his violin training under Vidwan Shri H.V.KRISHNAMURTHY from 1955 spanning 8 years.    more >>

Mother – Smt. N. Lakshmi

<Smt. Lakshmi>

Smt. N Lakshmi, a Bank employee by profession, has been a source of inspiration and support for Amrit. Traditions and values are first learnt at home and needless to say one would not find a better substitute than one’s own mother. She is a simple lady with an extraordinary strength to nurture the family in all aspects of life.

Sister – Smt. Sunitha Ramabhadran

<Smt. Sunitha>

Smt. Sunitha Ramabhadran is a well known Violinist in Karnataka. She ably balances her work as a ‘Systems Manager’ in Siemens and the family tradition on Carnatic Music. She is a constant support to Amrit in all his endeavours. She is married to Shri Ramabhadran, who is also musically inclined, and has a daughter Kumari Shambhavi, all living in a closely knit family.

Wife – Smt. Sandhya

<Smt. Sandhya>

Marrying Smt. Sandhya, a well trained Vocalist meant ‘Laya wedding Shruti’. She is an energy source for Amrit. Having completed her Masters in Commerce, she invests her time in maintaining the home and in teaching classical music. Her support adds the charm to Amrit’s success.