<Basavanagudi G. Nataraj>

Khanjira (Indian Frame Drum) is a single faced drum. It is one of the earliest forms of Frame Drums. There are a lot of historic backgrounds regarding its equivalent and similar forms being used in different cultures and different musical styles. It has existed from the ages of early mankind. The frame drum has been in several traditions. The folk lore had a lot of different kinds of Frame drums being used from generations on to this date.

Khanjira is the South Indian Classical version of frame drums. It is a wooden frame covered with a fibre on one side and the other side is left open. The wooden frame is attached with coins or brass plates to give a jingling effect. This instrument is played in one hand and held in the other hand. It produces various sounds out of which patterns are made in such a way that the sounding of the phrase matches with the other percussion instruments without leaving its own identity. Thus, Khanjira is undoubtedly one of the most difficult instruments to play on. It needs lot of practice, skill & control to master the instrument.

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